Visit from Dads Sister, my Aunt and Uncle (15/10/21)

Dads sister lives around Nottingham, We had arranged for her and her husband to come and visit, arriving at Cromford train station at midday. Mum was bringing Dad to my house and then Dad and I would go and collect my Aunt and Uncle from the train station.

In the morning Dad was anxious and excited all in one. He wasn't totally sure why, he kept asking Mum if we were leaving to come to my house yet. He knew something was happening but couldn't quite remember what. He was up bright and early so not as to miss anything, and when I say bright and early I do mean early, before the sun is even up. Mum has to be up too, and then had to sidetrack him with jigsaws, sorting out the fire, changing the bird feeders, anything she could think of. In the end she could not hold him back any more and they arrived at my house around 11am.

The station is only 5 minutes away in the car. More distraction techniques, cups of tea. Dad is concerned that his sister will be standing waiting in the cold, a bit confused if he is getting on the train, or if I am and he will be left at the station on his own, how would he get back home, if we have time to do all this because the fire is not lit, there is so much to do you know! When we do go down to collect his sister and brother in law. He loves seeing the train, waves at the driver. We come back to my house because, to Dads surprise, I know the way.

Lunch is a take away meal from the Sour Cow. To make the occasion a bit more special we even use the Royal Albert tea service! Dad likes the cakes! Then a short walk to the Blue Lagoon Cafe for coffee and ice cream. Its a lovely sunny day, the views are amazing and Dad likes his ice cream. Its so nice to be with family too.

Dad is worried all the time, the main concern is how are they going to get back? are they going to miss the train? what if its not there? do they know the way? He is asking these questions almost contently. So much worry that you could wonder if he could just enjoy the day. I did, so did Mum, and its lovely to see my Aunt and Uncle. Dad is happy too.

Dad and I drive my Aunt and Uncle back to the station. While waiting for the train, my aunt was chatting with my Dad, she said "it was like some of my lovely brother came back. He was interested in the map on the notice board of the station, then when our train pulled of he waved and did a sort of star jump. It made us laugh while sat waving on the train."

In many ways you can see where the pattern for these specific concerns are from. He would be the one to know the train timetable. He kept a current British Rail train timetable by his bed, for night time reading. He would plan train trips. I remember one time, on holiday he got a phone call from a friend. They were at a station and wanted to know what train to catch to get them to a certain place. Dad pointed out that he was on a holiday and could not check his timetable, but from memory he told them what to do. And that's the problem, he vaguely knows he should know these things, because he can't he knows that something is very wrong, but can't quite understand what.