19/01/22 Dads New Room Dementia Adventure and Visit from his Sister
19/01/22 Dads New room Dementia adventure and a visit from his Sister. A few days ago I went over to see Dad. He was very excited because of the “new room we have found, did you know about this room?” “What new room have you found Dad” “This on up here, you go through this […]
11/01/22.Dads Dementia Adventure in Wirksworth Market.
11/01/22. Wirksworth Market Adventures. On the news this morning there was an interview with the author of “What I wish you know about dementia from someone who knows”. One of the topics she spoke on was the importance of connection with people and places that she knew, even if she couldn’t recall them, she did […]
7/01/22 Dads Christmas Adventure
Dads Christmas adventure. I wrote this on the 28/12/2021.  Then I managed to lock myself out of the website! So today is 7/01/22. Dad is feeling much better. Christmas day was celebrated at Wirksworth, mainly because I do not want to cook in my Mums Kitchen! All preparation was done, presents wrapped, lamb shank cooking. […]
23/12/2021 Early family Christmas visit
Today the family had an early Christmas Day day.  Mum and Dad arrived in Wirksworth, they got settled down with a cuppa, then my sister and her partner came.  Dad was very happy to see both his daughters in the same place, and not in that computer thingy either! Dad’s presents had a warmth theme.  […]