12/08/22 Dad’s heat wave adventure and Thank goodness for ice cream!
Dads sunshine adventure. So here we go again, temperatures are going up and up and we have another health heat warning. We have found that making sure Dad is not overheating is particular difficult. The Alzheimer society have a helpful hints page on keeping those with dementia cool and well hydrated, it all seems like […]
8/7/22 Dad’s Winster Carnival Adventure and down the years with Winster Morris.
5/7/22 Dads Winster Wakes and Morris Dancing adventure. The 2nd of July was Winster Wakes. It started well for Mum, with Dad waking in the very early hours of the morning. He had decided it was time to change his socks, so he opened and closed many drawers in order to find some socks. He […]
17/06/22 Dad adventure to meet his MP, Mum’s vaccination adventure.
17/06/22 Dad adventure to meet his MP, Mum's vaccination adventure. This is more of a Mums grand vaccination adventure than Dads. Dad, being over 75, has had 4 vaticinations for Covid. Mum can not get the 4th because she is not old enough. This has got my Mum concerned, as it leaves the question of […]
Dads Hearing Aid adventure. 13/6/22
Dads Hearing Aid adventure. 13/6/22 Dad has been getting more and more difficult to understand. He is talking, but using words that don't make sense. He is not responding as much when you being talk too him either. Now this could be for many reasons. He is very dyslexic, and could easily be muddling words […]