A rainy Dementia adventure with many telephone calls too!
Looking back on this wet and windy week, Dad has got significantly worse in his dementia journey. He is still happy and a lovely Daddy to go and chill with. On Monday I picked dad up from his respite care today. This gave poor Mum time to sort out washing before her lovely little shadow came […]
13/02/22 A week of Dementia adventuring.
Its been a year now since Mum and Dad had there first covid jab. Dad has changed greatly over the span of this year, but in many ways he is still Dad. He dementia is slowly getting worse. We are fortunate that he is lovely, not aggressive or violent. Instead he is very anxious and […]
6/2/22. Lost memories and February camping times, sad vascular dementia adventuring.
This weekend is the weekend my sister and I affectionately called the “drunken daddy’s weekend”. It is a time when a group of Dads childhood friends came together every year to just be mates together camping, climbing, walking and drinking. It started when Dad and Mum got married. Dad and his oldest school friend, David, […]
31/1/2022 Visit to Cromford Mill and Sunday Dinner, a dementia adventure with wine!
Dad has had a good weekend, with a trip to Cromford mill, bought some wool at weaveknitit and Then Sunday lunch at my house. Coming from his house to my house seems to get longer and longer for Dad. He was convinced it would take Mum an hour to get here. So they timed it, […]