2/05/22 Dad travels to Ken Johnson’s memorial service.
2/05/22 Dad travels to Ken Johnson's memorial service. Dad has been part of Winster Morris Dances since we moved to Winster in the very early 1980's. Winster Morris is a traditional team which uniquely has 4 characters. Dad was the witch, a position I have inherited. There is a Jester and finally a King and […]
17/04/22 A Farmers Market Adventure with the perils of Disabled parking!
This is a bit late in writing because I was in two minds over adding it, since I got a bit emotional this day. On the first Saturday of the month Wirksworth has a farmers market.  Dad loves the tuesday Market, so Mum and I though the larger farmers market would entertain him nicely. Dads […]
3/4/22 Adventuring after Reflexology working, fitting care around work!
Today I popped in after some reflexology working. Mum looks so tired, Dad does too but in a different way. More of a staring around but not looking at anything. Mum is just very tired. Dad doesn't have a sleeping pattern, and will often wake her up in the night to ask what should they […]
2/04/22 Dads Family dementia Adventure
01/04/22 Dads family dementia adventure. In the last 2 weeks Dad has had most of his family visit him. My sister, his brother and sister have all been to say hello at different times. I think all at once would be very confusing for him. Vascular Dementia being very different from Alzheimer's, As Vascular dementia […]