3/4/22 Adventuring after Reflexology working, fitting care around work!
Today I popped in after some reflexology working. Mum looks so tired, Dad does too but in a different way. More of a staring around but not looking at anything. Mum is just very tired. Dad doesn’t have a sleeping pattern, and will often wake her up in the night to ask what should they […]
2/04/22 Dads Family dementia Adventure
01/04/22 Dads family dementia adventure. In the last 2 weeks Dad has had most of his family visit him. My sister, his brother and sister have all been to say hello at different times. I think all at once would be very confusing for him. Vascular Dementia being very different from Alzheimer’s, As Vascular dementia […]
28/03/22 Boule practice Vascular dementia adventuring.
28/03/22 Boule practice adventuring. I am tired, Mum is tired. The respite home is closed due to covid outbreaks, with no real idea of when Dad can go back. So no showering in peace, no reflexology for Mum since Dad thinks that if Mum closes her eyes she might be dead. Keep going. Dad is […]
18/03/22 Adventures with an “off Duty” head.
Adventures with a “off Duty” mind. Its been a while since I wrote anything, I am sure you will agree its been a scary and crazy few weeks. Dad has visited Eastern Europe many times, we don’t think he has very quite made it to Ukraine. However Poland, Lithuania, Romania and I think Solvina were […]