17/04/22 A Farmers Market Adventure with the perils of Disabled parking!
This is a bit late in writing because I was in two minds over adding it, since I got a bit emotional this day.
On the first Saturday of the month Wirksworth has a farmers market.  Dad loves the tuesday Market, so Mum and I though the larger farmers market would entertain him nicely. Dads respite centre is still closed due to covid and Mum and I are very tired, but we know the place and the people.  The first adventure is getting to the car as I am having a disabled ramp installed, the main door is not usable and we have to convince Dad that we can walk round the block from where Mum as parked her car, the the back of the house where I have my car.  In the car the questions start.
“Do you know where we are going? do we have time? do they know we are coming? Where are we going? Is it tuesday?” He actually remembers that the normal Wirksworth market is on a turesday, he mostly has no idea of time at all,
We plan on parking in one of the two the disabled spot the market place in Wirksworth.  This is where the problems start. Next to the disabled spot there are two nice electric car changing bays. In the bay closest to the disabled spot was a badly parked car charging up in one of these bays, its back end with a bike rack sticking out blocking the disabled spot. The other charging bay was empty. No other parking was available, the Farmers Market is popular.  Dad was getting himself anxious and worked up.
“What are we going to do? can we park? should we go home?”
Mum got out to politely ask if the charging drive could please move a bit out of the way or take off the bike rack. He wasn’t too helpful. Because we had stopped the car, Dad decided to get out. I was still in the car. Mum was talking to the owner of the charging car obstacle and Dad was getting over anxious. What a moment! To cut a long story short, we did eventually manage to park my blue car. Dad calmed down.
We got cookies from Buttercup bakery. Found the chairs and tables next to the live music. Dad enjoyed his hot chocolate from azorie Blue Coffee. Dad dropped a sausage from his sausage bap. And altogether forgot the parking anxiety.
Mum talked to some of her singing friends.
It took me a lots longer to calm down. I also had a bit of a cry. The lovely grumpy farmer gave me a hug. After eating one of their oatcakes cheese and onion oatcakes I too felt better!
You know life can be hard enough without disabled parking being blocked, please do think about where you park.  Sometimes it would be easier just to stay at home, away from the sunshine,  but then we would also miss out on lovely, kind people too.