11/01/22.Dads Dementia Adventure in Wirksworth Market.

11/01/22. Wirksworth Market Adventures.

On the news this morning there was an interview with the author of “What I wish you know about dementia from someone who knows”. One of the topics she spoke on was the importance of connection with people and places that she knew, even if she couldn’t recall them, she did still have the emotional connection.

Dad certainly does have a connection with Wirksworth Tuesday Market and today was the first market of 2022. So, rucksack at the ready, He and Mum set off from the village, counted cars on the way to Middleton where Refills on the Road was stationed. This is where I met up with them. We get our shopping, lots of dried fruit for Dads breakfast, porridge oats for our breakfast, crisps and chocolate coats nuts. Dad then moves into my car and Mum follows to my house. Dad is always concerned that Mum might get lost on the short 5 minute drive.

Where is she”

Just behind us Dad, she is coming”

are you sure? I can’t see her”

Its ok, she knows the way”

Are you sure? I am not sure she does? Can you see her?

Dad look there are people on Black Rocks” He gets nicely distracted. And we get home. Then there is the confusion:

Are we not going to that place down the way?” That place being the market.

Yes, but first we are going to drop off the shopping and get more bags”

Its amazing how long it can get to get the refills shopping in the house, collect more bags all with Dads help.

Driving down to the market the first worry is if there will be parking. Then there is the game of

winding the window up and down and up and down. Always check the state of the windows when Dad has been in the car.

Rucksack on, market is found, well it might have moved!

Dad has the cookies and brownies from Buttercup bakery in his rucksack, I have everything else.

We get back in the car Dad asks

where next?”

We decide to have lunch at Cromford Mills. Dad has a cherry scone cream tea. At first he is not sure he will like it. He has very had one before. What do you do with it? How do you eat it? Mum shows him how to pick it up. He trys a small bit.

it tastes a bit strange” he says after half the scone is gone.

is it a nice strange?”

Oh yes, very nice thank-you!”

Tea drank, scone eaten, Dad asks

Where are we off to next?”

We bought some duck seed from the café and we feed the ducks together.

You can see why he likes his market day adventures!




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