Dad helps save Sebastian the hedgehog (20/10/2021)
Mum and Dad have a great garden, lots of wildlife including frogs, toads, newts and many visiting birds. It was Dad who build the pond and created a hibernacula (go on look it up!). Dads sister remembers him showing her the water boatmen and whirligig beetles in there. He doesn’t like going down to see […]
An Unexpected Adventure (17/10/21)
Sunday a planned day off and lazy morning for me, around 11.30pm I was settling down with a coffee and some crochet, when my telephone rang. It was Mum, and I could tell by her voice everything was not right. Dad has been needing attention all morning, and most of the night, asking questions almost […]
Visit from Dads Sister, my Aunt and Uncle (15/10/21)
Dads sister lives around Nottingham, We had arranged for her and her husband to come and visit, arriving at Cromford train station at midday. Mum was bringing Dad to my house and then Dad and I would go and collect my Aunt and Uncle from the train station. In the morning Dad was anxious and […]
The Weekend: Games and a Train ride (11/10/21)
Games at the The Old Bowling Green Dad likes a game. He was part of the Derbyshire Dales Boule League, playing for the Miners standard and then the Old Bowling Green. He was captain of the team for a while. He was on the founding committee too. If any of you have played against him you […]