23/12/2021 Early family Christmas visit

Today the family had an early Christmas Day day.  Mum and Dad arrived in Wirksworth, they got settled down with a cuppa, then my sister and her partner came.  Dad was very happy to see both his daughters in the same place, and not in that computer thingy either!

unwrapping presents, I wonder what it could be?

Dad’s presents had a warmth theme.  My sister can sew beautifully and she had created a hot water bottle cover.  Dad was pleased, we got a detailed description of how he makes his two hot water bottles for his bed.

“we can take this home and you fill up the hot making device, hold this thing carefully, then pour in the hot stuff, you need to be very careful.”

The next present was exciting too! How to light the fire?  Once Mum had realized that there was a safety catch that is!

“What’s good about this is it has a long bit thingy so that you can reach right down to the fire twisted bit”

The twisted bit being the fire lighter.

There were other present opening too, Books and Jedi heads.  Nothing really interesting until the tool set came out, that held the electricians attention.

The problem then came after a couple of hours excitement.  When is home time?  We hadn’t had any food yet, But Dad was concerned that he would have to spend the night here.  Distraction with a jigsaw was tried by my sister.

“Dad I really like you to stay a bit longer so that we can have dinner together because I don’t get to see you often and I like being with you” says my sister to Dad

“its nice seeing you too, I can stay a bit longer I think”

Then, the next minute

“when are we going? where is my grey woolly thing”, This being his coat that we had cunningly hidden on the coat stand.  Mum sits with him, holding his hand, we, both my sister and me, talk to him about the jigsaw.  He eventually calms down and stops breathing quickly.  Jigsaw is looked at and dinner can be made.

Dinner went down well.  Roast veg with steak pie, Dad was concerned about my sisters drink, it looked funny.  He tried a bit, it was fizzy, he kept this drink, its nicer than water thankyou. Pepsi max is a little bit sweeter than water!

After dinner it was game time. Do you know the more simple the game the more competitive and tactical the game can become? This game involved flipping marbles from one tringle area to another.  You can not imagine the complications of this game!  Of course I won, except Dad though I had lost!

Mum and Dad watched the fire for a bit, and then we couldn’t keep him in Wirksworth any longer, he just wanted to be at home.

The coat was found, bags and presents collected, and in the car he quickly got.  As my sister and I waved him off, he wound down the window, up and down, up and down, many times. Up. Down, Up Down.

He really did have an adventure today, but he likes to be home too!






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